About Illuminate

About Illuminate

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EVERY KING IS OUTNUMBERED BY HIS PEOPLE. WHO THEN TRULY LEADS A COUNTRY?When questioning the actions of your leaders, ask yourself how you would confront the same dilemmas if bearing the same responsibilities. Remember that what is seen publicly is only a fraction of what truly happens behind the curtain – a facade of wealth and power that hides the grave severity of the decisions being made behind it.
Your leaders have no motivation to cause you harm, and in the interests of your safety, must often make decisions that you cannot understand and may seem suspicious when viewed out of context. If you believe your decisions would serve the advancement of humanity better than the decisions of your current leaders, you are welcome to invest the time and effort required to replace them, as they did to the leaders before them. Time is a powerful revelator. 
This planet has overcome millennia of hardships and survived disasters more devastating than the wars recorded by history. Humanity has faced its worst leaders, its worst regimes, its worst obstacles, and survived to become stronger.

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